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About Us

Next Generation Kids is a licensed and certified early education childcare facility built on the idea of community and strengthened with the principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

These early education methods focus on the individual development of each child, from the design of our children’s classrooms to the early care and educational materials NGK children have accessible to them. Every day-care staff member attends regular on-going early educational training to aid and expand his or her professional development. We remain open to new ideas and communicate regularly with the Next Generation Kids network of Portland families in order to continuously fine-tune your child’s developmental progress.

The staff at our Sullivan’s Gulch location, makes a conscious effort to speak with parents as they bring their children into our childcare facility or pick them up at the end of the day. Next Generation Kids child-care understands the pressures put on Portland parents today and we recognize that we are living in a “hurry-up” world, so we’re committed to creating an environment where parents can count on us to take some of the pressure off of their busy day.

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