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Welcome to the NGK Preschool Room!

100_3594This room is designed to engage your children in a fun and friendly learning environment to prepare them for Kindergarten.  We encourage learning through play, as well as, learning through routine and activities. This room uses activities to develop skills such as math, language, and fine motor.  These activities are called jobs and will be done, as a group, once a day.  We believe that jobs mixed with free play, outdoor play, dramatic play and music and movement, on a daily basis, give children lots of room to learn and grow.  During free time t is also our belief that children should be able to chose jobs; limiting job use to once a day can limit potential learning. While in this room, children will be pushed to develop their communication skills, as well as, an understanding of their emotions and effective ways to show them.

100_3598The curriculum in this classroom is put together to challenge all ages with early literacy, math, social skills, and motor skills.  Newsletters will be emailed every month outlining the curriculum and particular focus for that month.  We will have a weekly schedule that goes into further detail with specific songs, books, and activities.  We have a lot of fun with our curriculum and we know that your children will as well.  We are excited to show you how much your child will and can learn!

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