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Welcome to the toddler room.

In our Toddler Classroom our students range from 17 months to 24 months old.

At this developmental stage we are focusing on our ‘independence’ and doing things on our own while ‘free playing’ and also participating in planned activities. We will be feeding ourselves with little or no help from teachers. We will be learning how to wash our hands, get dressed, and clean up after ourselves all by ourselves.

Circle time is a part of our daily experience, but the attention span with this age group is very limited so we will not force the children to sit for long periods of time. We go with “the flow” of the classroom. Your child will be provided with lots of opportunities to sing and read books throughout the day.

The children will be engaged in a lot of free play and also planned art and sensory activities. We will be working on our verbal, fine and large motor, and self help skills each day through free play and planned activities.

While our Toddlers are developing trust and autonomy we encourage the children to use their words to solve disagreements and to help them communicate their ideas and thoughts more clearly. We may have to tell the children what words to say or teach them a sign to solve the disagreement.  If a child uses aggression we say “Ouch! That Hurts!” and remove the child from the situation by suggesting and guiding the child to a new activity.  When we want a toddler to stop doing something, instead of saying ‘no’ we tell them ‘that is not okay’, and guide them toward what we would rather have them do. It is important that they listen to us and it will be easier for them to do so when we remain positive. Hopefully by encouraging the children to use their words we can avoid many tantrums but they are inevitable.

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