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Michael Terrett

My children (son and daughter) spent a total of six years in the safe, nurturing, and lovable care of NGK.

My son started at NGK when he was 12 months old. It would be his first time attending any type daycare program and after researching some local daycares we chose NGK based on its child care philosophy, great play areas, staff, and scheduling flexibility. As a physician and traveling businessman parents the schedule was an important factor to us.

He had a wonderful experience and loved every moment of his time spent there. We, as parents, were rest assured that our child was well taken care of; like being fed on time, ample playtime, personal hygiene, proper rest, etc. It was a safe environment. There were only the right number of kids for him to interact with socially, and therefore he received a lot of personal attention and care. He learned words and engaged in activities that developed his motor skills. We did not have to worry about him. When we were picking him up in the evening, we would always find a very happy child. He has since moved on to school and is doing very well – he can still reference the good times he had with his “buddies” at NGK.

We enrolled my daughter at NGK when she was eight weeks old. She was taken care of in the infant room, and throughout her time there progressed through the various classes before moving onto school. She had an especially precious time NGK, due to her fabulous teaches. Her teacher’s were wonderful and seemed to be able to provide the perfect balance between lovable nurturing, and developmental age-appropriate teaching. She still references time spent with her teachers today.

Every afternoon at pick up time NGK would provide a full report of her day, any fun activities, issues, etc. NGK also did a great job of keeping us in the loop about scheduling reminders, “classroom party” days, etc.

All in all we had a great experience. Never once in that six year period did we feel like our children were not receiving great child care. I can also say that it felt good being able to support a local family-run business, such as NGK. Constance and her wonderful family take great pride in the business they have created, and that is clearly obvious in their positive/pro-active attitude.

Thanks for the great job NGK!!!!

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