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Max, JJ & Sunny LeeKwai

We can’t thank the staff and teachers enough for the great experience we’ve had in the past two years with Next Generation Kids. You were very understanding and so helpful to us as first time parents. Constance, Naketa and your outstanding teachers always gave us the utmost confidence that our then 2 year old and now 4 year old, Sunny, would receive the best care possible. You’ve created a great culture at Next Generation Kids where the kids are safe, happy and learn. We were also pleasantly surprised at how the culture there made it easy to get to know the other parents with whom we would occasionally spend time with outside of NGK. All of you at NGK are outstanding people whom we will miss dearly as we have to transition to a new school due to your move. Thank you for your understanding in our change of schools which has solely been because of the building relocation and for no other reason. We will enthusiastically refer anyone we can to NGK. Thank you again for everything. We wish you all the best going forward.

  • Calendar icon November 11, 2013
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